Otemachi PLACE


About Otemachi PLACE

The aim is to design the next-generation urban model, which connects and interchanges People, Town and Society.

2-Chome Otemachi Area.
A region where the Printing Bureau of the Ministry of Finance, the Communications Museum and Tokyo International Post Office were once situated. Since the Meiji Period, the area continuously aimed to contribute to a better society – while growing together with the region, creating a space to connect people, towns, companies and businesses. Further proposing a comfortable work style, providing the highest level of BCP compliance to prepare in case of emergencies. Establishing a new global business base by providing Internet Data Centre, International Conference, as well as flexibly adaptive office spaces. The `Otemachi Place` aims to achieve all above.

Enjoy the comfort together, produce the vitality together – For the place of coexistence.

Focusing on public nature, provided about 3000m² of three-dimensional urban plaza, 30,000m² of total floor area, and five-levels of public space, which are all unique features as office buildings. People gather from inside and outside to the lush greenery called `Sunken Garden`, which will be the new oasis for Otemachi. The `Central Promenade` does not only function as a passage, but it also acts as a circulation space where people can freely spend their time in their personal way.

Furthermore, a pedestrian bridge called `Ryukan Sakura Bridge`, is constructed over the Nihonbashi River, which allows active access between Otemachi and the Kanda area – while the `Gate Plaza` invites people from Otemachi station, Tokyo Station, and Kanda Station. Linking those bridges and gates to the `Central Promenade` will establish new pedestrian network.

Enriched with internationality and creativity, the next-generation business environment is established.

The twin tower is aiming to represent the next-generation global business base, with an advanced networking environment. It will serve as a symbol for the developing Otemachi, and will empower the business atmosphere.

The west tower has 35 storeys above ground and 3 storeys below, while its eastern counterpart has 32 storeys above ground and 3 storeys below. 3,800m² of floor area in the West tower and 2,920m² in the East tower offer a highly flexible, advanced and large-scale office environment. The facility involves Internet Data Centres, which are equipped with the best information technology domestically, and hosts International Conferences, responding to the high demands in global business. Additionally, it is designed to achieve high-spec and high-level in all aspects to improve the business continuity in case of disaster and sustainable performance, responding to the next-generation standards.

Supporting the `Connect`,
region of comfort, vibrant and vitality

Providing 2ha site area, 354,000㎡ total floor area , `Otemachi Place` will be one of the largest scale districts in Otemachi. As a new business place in the area, it will globally connect people, goods and information within attractive public space and giving a sense of ‘Place’ – spreading its influence not only inside of the building, but also outwards to the region. Otemachi, a “Place’, with full of history and character will bring connection between people, region and time, further expanding to the future. ‘Otemachi Place’ is named to express those ideas. Overlooking the whole `Otemachi Place` from directly above with north upside, the outline of the twin towers and those base outlines becomes apparent through the extensive place. The symbol, which originates from the building shape and the logo harmonizes with good balance. The solid bottom wide design induces a stable expression, as well as representing that `Otemachi Place` inherit the old tradition and the new place for further advancement.

2-3-1, Otemach, Chiyoda‐ku, Tokyo, 100‐0004, Japan
Major use
Office, retail, conference, district heating and cooling, parking
Site area
Approx. 19,900㎡
Total floor area
Approx. 354,000㎡(WEST TOWER / Approx. 202,000㎡ EAST TOWER / Approx. 152,000㎡)
Steel, Steel Reinforced Concrete, Reinforced Concrete
WEST TOWER / 35 floors above ground, 3 below
EAST TOWER / 32 floors above ground, 3 below
Building height
WEST TOWER / Approx. 178 m
EAST TOWER / Approx. 163 m
Implementing body
WEST TOWER / NTT Urban Development Corporation
EAST TOWER / Urban Renaissance Agency
EAST TOWER / Obayashi Corporation
Contract Administration
WEST TOWER / Takenaka Corporation
EAST TOWER / Obayashi Corporation
Unit owners
Ministry of Finance, Mizuho Trust & Banking Co., Ltd., NIPPON TELEGRAPH AND TELEPHONE CORPORATION, JAPAN POST HOLDINGS Co., Ltd., JAPAN POST Co., Ltd., JAPAN POST BANK Co., Ltd., JAPAN POST INSURANCE Co., Ltd., NTT Urban Development Corporation
August 2018


  • 2-3-1, Otemachi, Chiyoda‐ku, Tokyo, 100‐0004, Japan